The Skatepark

Flipside indoor is the only indoor skate and climbing facility at the ABC islands!

The skatepark park is build by a Dutch company called Burnside constructions who builds skateparks for over 20 years now! The skatepark got everything you need. A smooth miniramp, big transition, and some street obstacles. Also with a 1.85 meter step-up the park is perfect for BMX, skateboard, inline skates and scooters!

The bouldering wall is 4.85 meters hight and got 13 different routes for beginners ánd advanced climbers of all ages! The bouldering wall is build by Vertigo who build climbing walls all over the word! with a 30cm mattress underneath the wall its perfectly safe to climb without a rope.

Outside we have a pumtrack that is really fun for BMX, mountainbike, inline skates, skateboards and scooters! Everything with wheels can ride it!

For more information, private parties or skateboard lessons please call +5999 5187573 or mail


Day pass skate or climbing  fl. 15,-
Rental skateboard or shoes  fl. 5,-

10 rides card fl 100,-